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Are you ready to lead change in your campus community, but don’t know where to start?

"The UofMosaic Fellowship provided me with outstanding guidance and pushed me to advocate for a broader spectrum of people and actually move the dial on 'making this world more just, equitable and harmonious'."

- Hamzeh Naghawi Regional President (UofM Cohort 19-21)

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Don't know which one to apply as? Click here.

The UofMosaic Fellowship is an in-depth two-year university and college-level Fellowship that equips students with the leadership skills to dismantle prejudice on campuses across Canada and in their communities. Apply by May 15th, 2023!


August 2023 – April 2025
(21 Mo

Time Commitment

Fellows are expected to commit 3-4 hours each month:
2 hours: online as a group via Zoom
1 hour: online module completion
1 hour: interactive social time/p
op-up events.


Campus Dialogue: Work collaboratively with a team of like-minded, interdisciplinary change-makers to build a more inclusive campus community through a public engagement event.
Here are some examples of previous campus dialogues.

Publication: Learn how to mobilize knowledge through accessible and impactful research publications, and publish a research article to a broad community of change-makers.
Read some past publications.


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Are you passionate about dismantling prejudice?

Are you ready to work with a team of like-minded change makers in building a more inclusive campus community?

Are you a registered undergraduate student at a Canadian university or college (full or part-time)?

Interested in skills-based training and professionalization opportunities to support you in early career success?

What do you need to apply?

Required documents to apply include a completed application form and a most recent transcript (unofficial version is acceptable).

UofMosaic is generously supported by


We provide personal and professional development opportunities to students of diverse backgrounds and ranges of experience to activate their leadership and change-making potential. Some examples of dismantling prejudice include discrimination towards: 

  • Disability

  • Age Group

  • Citizenship

  • Education

  • Language

  • Race

  • Ethnicity

  • Gender Identity

  • Family

  • Religion

  • Sexual Identity

  • Socioeconomic Status 

  • and their vast intersections

Participants require no prior knowledge of prejudice and discrimination, campus organizing, leadership or research, but should be driven to make change in their campus communities.


We train people to dismantle prejudice because we believe that prejudice is the root of individual and systemic exclusion and inequity.  


Dismantling Prejudice Foundations

Introductions to prejudice, social location and intersectionality, encouraging you to think at individual to systemic levels to create more equitable futures for all.

Research and Knowledge Mobilization

Skills to create accessible and impactful research projects, guided by your lived experience and the needs of the communities that matter most to you.

Changemaking in Systems and Communities

Learn from grassroots, organizational and policy professionals about how they make change in their respective fields, and how you can get started.

Leadership and Professionalization

Gain skills in leading change, working together as a team, networking, and marketing yourself for the next steps in your change making career.




British Columbia



Don't know which one to apply to? No problem! View our FAQ.


New Brunswick
Newfoundland & Labrador
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island 

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Pop-up opportunities
to participate in changemaking all across Canada.

Exclusive online platform access
with the opportunities to go beyond the fellowship to connect and curate your learning potential.

Skills-based training
and professionalization opportunities to support you in early career success. 


Opportunities to learn
from and network with inspiring activists, speakers, journalists, industry professionals, and authors.


Certificate of Completion
in topics of Dismantling Prejudice Foundations, Research and Knowledge Mobilization Skills; and Change Making in Systems and Communities.


Thought leadership
in dismantling prejudice, respectful dialogue, community-grounded research and innovative equity training.


Professional Development Fund
of $500 to pursue a development opportunity outside of the Mosaic Institute’s activities.


We select Fellows who are aligned with the core competencies and professional development themes of the Fellowship: 

  • Conflict resolution

  • Project management

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Global citizenship

  • Strategist: committed to practicing and promoting respectful dialogue as a means to reduce conflict

  • Systems thinker: understands the link between systemic issues and community experiences

  • Changemaker: strong desire to positively impact their circles of influence by dismantling prejudice

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What is the difference between applying as a Fellow vs. Regional President?


Being a Regional President (RP) is a greater time commitment (Fellows commit 3-4 hours a week, RP's commit 5+ hours a week), RPs receive one of three Muldoon-Mosaic Bursaries for $10,000 ($5,000 a year), RPs are responsible for Campus Dialogues and Team Leadership (learn more about those responsibilities here), and RPs have to include a CV/resume in their application in addition to their transcript and application form. Still unsure which one to apply for? Email Program Manager Alexis at and she will help you figure it out!

Can I apply to be a fellow and/or regional president as a mature student?

Yes! Mature students are eligible to apply to the UofMosaic fellowship program.


Can I apply to be a fellow and/or regional president as a part-time student?


Yes! Part time students are eligible to apply to the UofMosaic fellowship program.

I’m a fourth-year student and won’t be registered at a university/college in the second year of the program. Can I still apply?


Yes! Students are required to be registered as a student at a university and college for at least one year of the fellowship’s two year term. You are absolutely eligible to apply. 

I live in one province, but go to school in another. Which geographic team should I apply for?


If you are between two provinces (for example: you attend school in British Columbia and live their during the school year, but your home is based in Nova Scotia), please choose the province you are physically in most frequently for the next two years. This is so you can attend team events based in that region! 


I’m not sure if I’m eligible for the program.


No problem! Send us an email at to confirm your eligibility.

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