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At Mosaic Institute, we believe that everyone has a right to be free from prejudice & discrimination. 

We equip people with the tools to dismantle prejudice in their own communities through four pillars:

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Our office, located in Tkaronto/Toronto, is located on the ancestral and traditional lands of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, Huron-Wendat (Wyandot), and Mississaugas of the New Credit.


Mosaic's team, distributed across what is now known as Canada, celebrates the ancestral and traditional lands of the Algonquin, Anishinaabe, Blackfoot, Haudenosaunee, Huron-Wendat (Wyandot) Mississaugas of the New Credit, First Nations.


We amplify the voices of people in Canada through our programs, research, and dialogues to inform policy changes that address inequities and prejudice.


We conduct community-grounded research through our postsecondary fellowship and student research programs that identify prejudices and recommend actions.


We facilitate community led in-depth conversations using our Model of Dialogue to work through conflict, foster understanding, and find paths forward.


We work with and deliver workshops and resources for educators, community leaders, youth, organizations and policy makers to dismantle prejudice.

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Our 2023 Impact Report:

We are grateful to you, the Mosaic community of supports, volunteers, partners, collaborators, and champions, who believe what we believe in: the profound importance of nurturing empathy, building bridges and taking action.

As a leader in an increasingly demanding and quickly evolving landscape of social change, our unique value, our HOW, continues to ground us and guide us into the future.

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Mosaic has reached nearly 560,000 people around the world (engaging nearly 35,000 in person, another 500,000+ indirectly). This work has been delivered through over 550 workshops, projects, resources, and events.

  • Reached over 200,000 people in Canada and around the world

  • 75+ undergraduate and graduate student interns

  • 90,000+ people reached by UofMosaic Program

  • 100,000+ people reached by Next Generation

  • 10,000+ people reached by our public engagement initiatives

  • Won the Canadian Race Relations Foundation Community Award of Excellence (2012)

  • CharityVillage Awards Winner "Best Nonprofit Employer (Under 20 staff) Workplace Mental Health" (2021)


Charity Village Awards Winner 2021
Best Nonprofit Employer (Under 20 staff) Workplace Mental Health


My desire to dismantle prejudice stems from my experience growing up in an Armenian family in Toronto, with my parents and sister. Because of the perpetrated mass atrocities and genocide against Armenians, and ongoing issues between modern day Turkey and Armenia, I was conditioned to dislike Turkish people. I saw the same prejudice among other ethnicities in my adopted country of Canada, where immigrants, in addition to the challenges of establishing their new lives, faced exclusion, at times subtle and at times overt.


A message from Vahan Kololian, the Co-Founder and Board Chair of the Mosaic Institute.

As I matured and my world evolved, I eventually had a “lightbulb moment” where I knew I didn't want to hate Turks. I then wanted to do something that would help others in their journeys of understanding and societal change.

In the early 2000s, my wife Susie and I created dialogue groups between Armenian and Turkish university students in Canada and the United States. The unique nature of these initiatives eventually led to our creation of the Mosaic Institute in 2007. This was our way to contribute to a more peaceful, inclusive, and just society and to help others of all ages have their “lightbulb moments”.

This foundation of respectful dialogue is an essential part of who we are and how we go about our work today – focusing as well on education, policy, and training to offer tangible solutions and meaningful skill-building to advance social change. Mosaic has evolved over the last 15 years to become a leading voice with the know-how to help create a more equitable and prosperous society for everyone. These polarized and increasingly divided times we live in now make it clear that this work is more vital than ever.


Canada, comparatively, has stood as a beacon of inclusion in the world. Today, Canada is facing the tough truth about its past with Indigenous peoples, while at the same time maintaining a largely unchanged and potentially expanding immigration policy. To unlock the true potential of these efforts, imagine what we can achieve as a nation as we promote respect and inclusiveness.


We need to continue to work together. Thank you for doing what you can to dismantle prejudice.



Amal Absiye

Program Manager,
Next Generation


Alexis-Carlota Cochrane

Program Manager, UofMosaic


Rachel Mansell

Vice President


Leigh Naturkach

Executive Director


Stephanie Ta

Senior Manager,
Programs and Education

Pema Khando _edited.jpg

Pema Khando

Program Coordinator, Next Generation

Manum's Picture _edited.jpg

Manum Shahid

Program Coordinator, Next Generation

Jeremy - picture copy2.jpg

Jeremy Ofwono

Research Officer


Danny Assaf.jpeg

Dany Assaf

Board of Directors


Vahan Kololian

Co-Founder and Chair of the Board


Dundee Staunton

Vice Chair


Baljit S. Chadha

Board of Directors

Bernie m farber.jpeg

Bernie M. Farber

Board of Directors


Janice Price

Board of Directors


Reeta Roy

Board of Directors

Susie Kololian.jpeg

Susie Kololian

Board of Directors

Yusra Siddiquee.jpeg

Yusra Siddiquee

Board of Directors


Gaëtane Verna

Board of Directors

Kathleen Vesely.jpeg

Kathleen Vesely

Secretary and Treasurer


Yuen Pau Woo

Board of Directors


*in memory of

Mohammad Al Zaibak

Debra Campbell

Charles Coffey

Phil Fontaine 

Blake Goldring

Helena Gottschling Zabeen Hirji

Margaret O. MacMillan John Monahan

Don Morrison

Jim Muldoon*
Gordon M. Nixon

Raheel Raza

Ed Safarian*

Randy Vander Starren


We couldn't do this work without the support of our amazing donors. Thank you all so much for your kindness and generosity in supporting our mission of dismantling prejudice across Canada.

Abigail Shakespeare

Adrienne Marshall

AGF Management Ltd.

Ahila Poologaindran

Alice Stevenson

Alicia Liebregts

Allison Urowitz

Amanda Friesen

Amy Robert

Andy Donovan

Andy MacCulloch

Angel Massey-Singh

Angela Lee

Anna Nevin

Anthony R Graham

Anthony Sigel

Anupam Chaudhri

Astrid Ling

Baljinder Rakhra

Bank of Montreal

Barbara Nathoo

Barry Panov

Ber Tov Capital Corporation

Bernie Farber

Beth Henning

Beverley Wybrow

Carrie Clayton

Cathy Kreuter

Chadha Family Foundation

Chaim Cutler

Char San Pedro

Charles Harper

Chris Keating

Christin Simms

Christopher Kololian

Clair Balfour

Clare Michaels

Colleen Fortier

Conor Gfroerer

Corrine Rahman

Curtis Stevenson

David Bruce

David McKendrick

David Moorcroft

David Sharpe

David Wiebe

Decision Point Research

Denise Korpan

Donna and Gary Slaight

Douglas Davis

Duncan Hamann

Dundee Staunton

Elizabeth Levitt

Erin Kenzie

Evan Dermit

Geoff Plant-Richmond

George Harper

George Zarb

Georgina Black

Greg Guichon

Griggs Family Foundation

Heidi Naturkach

Jane Van Zant

Janice Price

Jen Rudman

Jennifer Huycke

Jesse Gill

Jessica Kailey

Jill Moss

Jim Pottow

Jocelyn White

John Coulton

John Di Tecco

John Sharpe

John Watt

Jonathan Brookman

Joy Waldie

Julia Connell

Justin John

Kara Goorts

Kat Biondi

Kathleen Vesely

Keith Townley

Kelly Meehan

Keltie Neville

Ken Rawana

Kevin Braiden

Kololian Foundation

Krikor Shahinian

Laura Lavie

Laura Pus

Laura Stenberg

Leigh Naturkach

Lesley Buordolone

Liane Gillies

Littler LLP

Lori Harasem

Louis Favretto

Lynda Sexton-Kellett

Maggie Quirt

Marco Andre Fiola

Marina A Horner

Mark D Swartz

Martin Manna

Matteo Scurci

Megan Kee

Melissa Pavlidis

Melvyn Lopes

Michael Bentley

Michael Butler

Michael MacMillan

Michael Marmur

Michael Samlalsingh

Michelle Sparrow

Mohammed Hashim

Mohan Sivapatham

Mona Kornberg

Monique Vesely

Munpreet Singh

Nafeesa Jalal

Nairy Shahinian

Nia Green

Nicole Sigouin

Ouellette Family Foundation

Peggie Pelosi

Peter Sewell

Philip Alves

Rabeena Obaidullah

Rachel and Len Pearl

Rachel Mansell

Rachel Rattray

Ragubala Murugesan

Rajesh Jaglal


Reeta Roy

Renwick Babwah

Richard Christiansen

Robin Asgari

Rohit Mehta

Rose Ashworth

Rose Najarian Kedeshian

Ross McCully

Sandra Hawken

Sara Byrnell

Sasha McCue

Sasha McCue

Shannon Vadovic

Signe Yama

Simon Romano

Stephen Ford

Stephen Kouri

Stuart Duncan

Sue Kidd

Sunayna Ali

Susan Guichon

Susan Sanei-Stamp

Susie Kololian

Tanya Kololian

Tanya Lamond

Thames Asset Management Inc Cameron

Thanos Polyzos

The Bruce H. Mitchell Foundation

Thio Serene

Thomas Demlakian

Timothy Bean

Todd Minerson

Toronto Metropolitan University

Torys LLP

Vanessa Lewerentz

Wency Keast

York University


The Mosaic Institute

2 Bloor West, Suite 3400

Toronto, ON

M4W 3E2

Tel: 416-203-6919


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