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Mosaic to wind down effective August 9th, 2024

Over the last few months, the Mosaic Institute’s leadership team carefully reviewed our go forward options and came to two conclusions. First, while Mosaic has been ahead of its time for the majority of its 17-year operation, today our space of inclusion and dismantling prejudice is served by many organizations. Second, Mosaic is not exempt from the changing fundraising and philanthropy landscape that has impacted organizations across the country. And like many organizations, we have found that procuring core funding for long-term sustainability has continued to be a challenge.

These factors have led the Leadership team and Board of Directors to put forward and pass a resolution to pursue an orderly wind down to a dormant state.

After 17 years of work with communities and governments to create respectful dialogue and dismantle prejudice, Mosaic will wind down its operations on August 9th, 2024. 

We are proud of our record in reaching ~600,000 people globally, directly engaging 35,000+ through our initiatives. Highlights include youth focused programs Next Gen and UofMosaic, Mosaic’s Model of Dialogue through the Sri Lanka Tour 2012 and China-Tibet 2012-2014, production of sought after research and reports including Dialogue on Race Relations and Understanding Hate in Ontario. It’s because of our vanguard work, leadership, influence and relationships at all levels of Canadian society, we feel we have successfully embodied and advanced our mandate. This is something to be honoured and celebrated.

An ethical and orderly wind-up is the necessary, wise and brave choice that demonstrates our values and honours the contributions of those who’ve been part of this incredible journey. We will be winding up all activities in the coming weeks and working with our partners to review future opportunities. We will maintain our charitable status as we determine opportunities for pathways forward.

Thank you for your support, solidarity and commitment over these transformative years. We are grateful for all of those who have been part of and alongside us in this journey to create a stronger, more peaceful and cohesive Canada.

Leigh Naturkach                     

Executive Director

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