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Mosaic Institute Announces New Board of Directors!

We are thrilled to formally announce the newly constituted Board of Directors of the Mosaic Institute. Please join me in congratulating these new Directors who were previously members of Mosaic’s Advisory Council:

Dany Assaf

Baljit Chadha

Bernie Farber

Susie Kololian

Reeta Roy

Gaëtane Verna

Yuen Pau Woo

Each of our Board members brings a diverse range of experience, expertise, and knowledge to their roles. We have now collapsed the Advisory Council, resulting in one Board of Directors. Through this strengthened governance model, we look forward to working with them in pursuing social justice by dismantling prejudice.

They join our existing and dedicated Board of Directors:

Vahan Kololian, Founding Chair

Janice Price

Yusra Siddiquee

Dundee Staunton, Vice-Chair

Kathleen Vesely, Secretary and Treasurer

We would like to also formally announce our Mosaic Circle. This esteemed group are named as Mosaic Circle members in recognition of past service as Board and Advisory Council members.


Mohammad Al Zaibak

Debra Campbell

Charles Coffey

Phil Fontaine

Blake Goldring

Helena Gottschling

Zabeen Hirji

Margaret O. MacMillan

John Monahan

Don Morrison

Jim Muldoon*

Gordon M. Nixon

Raheel Raza

Ed Safarian*

Randy Vander Starren

*in memoriam

We are grateful for these passionate individuals as we move forward into the future!

In gratitude,

Leigh Naturkach

Executive Director

Want to learn more about our Board of Directors and team? Click here.

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