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Understanding Hate in Ontario

65% of people surveyed in Ontario experienced hate in the past 3 years.

Social media was cited as one of the most common places of hate experiences among Ontarians across all age and gender groups, but cited by nearly half of younger participants (18-24).

Gender-diverse and 2SLGBTQIA+ people identified school as a top location of hate.


Hate targeting people based on race/ethnicity, religion, gender and sexual orientation is on the rise.

'Understanding Hate in Ontario' is the first research of its kind to provide representative, disaggregated data focusing on capturing real experiences and understandings of hate in Ontario.

The purpose of this study is to equip public sector organizations, community groups, and other decision-makers with the most accurate representation of how Ontarians are currently experiencing hate in all forms, including what they think should be done about it.

It is our hope that this information will be valuable in helping to shape an Ontario that is safe, equitable, and prosperous for all.

This research study builds on the Mosaic Institute's past research and community consultations on reducing discrimination to provide an in-depth snapshot of hate in Ontario with a focus on intersectional identities. 

Understanding Hate in Ontario was made possible with funding by the Government of Ontario.

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Between April and May 2023, we conducted a survey designed to assess:

  • Ontarians’ understanding of hate; 

  • their experiences with hate; 

  • the nature of, and reasons for, the hate they encountered; 

  • and the impact of these experiences on their lives.

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With thanks to the 3,035 individuals who took the time to complete this survey and share their personal experiences with hate. Their voices are critical to ensuring we effectively and compassionately create an Ontario that is safe, equitable, and prosperous for all. 


Data Collection and Analysis:

Network for Economic and Social Trends, Western University 

  • Bidushy Sadika, M. Jawad Zawulistani, Caden Miguel Reyes, Heather Martin, Cornel Grey, Kaitlynn Mendes, Emily G. Nielsen

  • Additional thanks to: Victoria M. Esses, Paul Tremblay, and the team at Leger Opinion

Graphic Design:

Twentytwenty Design

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