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February 2023 Newsletter


  • Black History Month

  • Welcome Nayani

  • Youth In Conversation

  • Dismantling Prejudice and Employment

  • Sneak Peek: Breaking Down Barriers

February 1 marks the beginning of Black History Month, a time to commemorate the legacy, honour the history, culture and achievements of Black people in Canada.

Too many people in Canada are not aware that Black people were once enslaved here, do not understand the ongoing struggle of Black people in this country, or know of the many contributions of Black people and communities to society through history to today.

Every month is an opportunity to learn about and honour this history and support Black prosperity. One of our favourite Black-owned businesses is Cup of Té – who make wonderful gifts, by the way 😏

Your support of Mosaic fuels unique and direct responses to issues of prejudice, including anti-Black racism!

Welcome Nayani!

Join us in welcoming Nayani Nandakumar (she/her) as Mosaic’s new Education and Training Specialist. 🎉

With a specialization in immigration and refugee policy, employment discrimination, and anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices, Nayani most recently worked at Urban Alliance on Race Relations developing and advancing equity, diversity and inclusion strategies.

As an individual who has experienced overt and systemic discrimination in the education system, she is dedicated to combatting different forms of racism and discrimination that Indigenous, Black and racialized individuals experience.

Nayani will lead the creation and delivery of two new important, leading-edge initiatives in dismantling prejudice. Read about one of these national initiatives, called Breaking Down Barriers, below.

Youth In Conversation

A group of close-knit friends from Scarborough decided to come together to do somethingabout issues of identity and prejudice, mental health, employment and social issues.👏

As a youth-led, grassroots group called Good Questions, they are creating spaces where youth ages 13-29 can ask hard questions, engage with people of different identities, and strengthen interpersonal communication skills.

The “Youth In Conversation” project will galvanize youth engagement, community safety, and teach youth how to turn ideas of creating a better society into action.

The Mosaic Institute is proud to be the organizational trustee of Youth In Conversation, providing mentorship, promotional and grant support.

Dismantling Prejudice & Employment

A recent report by Toronto Metropolitan University highlighted the shared perspectives of both employers and employees related to key skills needed to succeed in today’s economy.

These include communication, ability to collaborate with other people, adaptability, and analyzing and solving complex problems.

Your support helps to create and deliver models of dialogue, education, and training focused on these skills that is adaptable to many groups and employment experiences.

Read more about this work, such as the Communicating Through Difference workshop, that enhances self-awareness, understanding of the other, and practical skills for how to resolve conflict.

Sneak Peak

Launching this fall, Breaking Down Barriers is a professional development course to increase knowledge, skills and capacity to address racism & discrimination in everyday life.

This is a free, open-source professional development certificate program for youth aged 18-29 and young professionals aged 30-45 that will provide vital and accessible education initially to hundreds of individuals from across Canada, with a focus on small and rural populations.

This program is fueled in part by the Canadian Race Relations Foundation and the Government of Canada. To be the first to know when this program launches, sign up at the button below.

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