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February 2024 Newsletter


  • Black History Month

  • Understanding Hate in Ontario

  • Addressing Online Hate

  • The Dais Partnership

  • Calling Mosaic Alumni

There is a lot going on in the world right now. It can all feel overwhelming––to say the least.


However, we are keen to share the highlights in this e-newsletter, because they are a reminder that there are people, programs, and resources working hard to address the rise in hate and discrimination.


Learn about the advocacy of Bob Dawson, groundbreaking new research, a free online module you can register for to take action and share with your networks, a partnership that will lead to greater impact, AND a call for Mosaic alumni!


Thank you for everything you do in making the world a better place.


All my best,


Leigh Naturkach, Executive Director

Black History Month

Bob Dawson endured anti-Black verbal and physical abuse during his career. It’s what motivates him to create change today, including through supporting Mosaic Institute.

Bob was the first Black athlete to play in the former Atlantic Intercollegiate Hockey League in 1967, and a member of the first all-Black line in Canadian university hockey. The verbal and physical abuse and its lasting impacts he endured drove his life’s work in addressing racism in hockey. It is also why he supports Mosaic today through his philanthropy.

"Growing up in Dartmouth, NS as a Black hockey player, now Black hockey historian and sportswriter, I know firsthand the racism prevalent in sports on and off the ice, how it can translate into verbal and physical abuse. I also know how important it is to not just tackle it, but with rising hate and polarization, remain vigilant. I have many ways I contribute to fighting prejudice and promoting inclusion, and donating to Mosaic is among the top ways I can help make effective change.”

Bob Dawson, BA, MSW, DCL

Sports Writer, Diversity Management

Consultant and Black Hockey Historian

Understanding Hate in Ontario

In case you missed it, last month we released research report: 'Understanding Hate in Ontario'. No one has conducted this level of research with disaggregated data.

This research is the first of its kind––a snapshot of Ontarians' understanding, definitions, experiences and impacts of hate; methods for dealing with hate; and beliefs about how it should be addressed. You can read the report here as well as the recommendations for action. Here is a snippet:

  • 65% of people in Ontario have experienced hate in the last 3 years

  • Gender-diverse and 2SLGBTQIA+ people identified school as a top location of hate

  • Race was identified as the top reason for experiencing hate

There is a critical need for action as we see a rise in hate online and in-person. Consider donating today.

Addressing Online Hate in Ontario

Our soon-to-be launched Addressing Online Hate 3-part micro-credential and certificate program is set to launch next month. You can pre-register here.

With the tabling of the online harms bill this week, combatting online hate continues to be a top issue that requires appropriate knowledge and resources across society. Mosaic continues to play a leading role as an organization and member of various coalitions, including the Coalition to Combat Online Hate and the Anti-Hate Community Leaders Group.

The Dias Partnership

We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with The Dais, a public policy and leadership think tank at TMU, connecting people to the ideas and power we need to build a more inclusive, innovative, prosperous Canada.

This collaborative program partnership is for priority participants from each organization to advance their skills in social change through exchange of organizational education, training, and resources. It is a great example of removing barriers to education and deepening professional development opportunities to drive forward social change.

You can check out The Dais’ program offerings. For example, Speechwriting 101 taking place online or at Toronto Metropolitan University on March 4th from 2-4 PM EST. Cost: $150+ tax.

Calling Mosaic Alumni

Are you a past Mosaic program participant? We want to hear from you!

Your story, experience, and ideas to continue to build our community. Get in touch with us through Rachel Mansell, Vice-President, at

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