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Want to view 2021-23 cohort projects? Click below:

The UofMosaic Fellowship Program provides change makers with the opportunity to publish their own innovative research and create actionable change. The following are from our 2019 - 2021 Fellows:

Protest Signs


April 2021



May 2021

by Hamzeh Naghawi

Pile of Garbage


May 2021

by Nour Elassiuty

Islamic Woman

May 2021


by Janine AlHadidi

Pastoral Scene

May 2021


What has brought Peace to Belfast and Northern Ireland

by Shania Kelly


In our 2019 - 2021 cohort, we welcomed 17 students from 8 campuses:

May 2020

Pandemic: Disinformation, Discrimination & Hope

UofMosaic Fellows organized and moderated an online conference “An Infodemic in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Disinformation, Discrimination and Hope”, that brought together key experts and activists to discuss the overwhelming amount of (dis)information we were and still are all navigating, its impact, and hope for what comes next.

November 2019 - February 2020

Professional Development Modules - Dialogues

UofMosaic Fellows were introduced to the following professional development modules that were created to prepare Fellows for creating their own campus dialogues:

  • Project Management

  • Event Budgeting, supplemented with a presentation from Anastasiia Kiseleva, Canadian Red Cross

  • Event Planning & Management

  • Marketing 101, a presentation delivered by Sasha Rawana, Corporate Social Media Specialist.

  • Systemic Racism, a workshop delivered by Larissa Crawford, founder of Future Ancestors.

  • Conflict Analysis and Resolution, delivered by Dr. Yehuda Silverman.

September 2020 - December 2020

Series of Workshops

UofMosaic Fellows participated in a series of online, real-time workshops:


  • Decolonizing Engagement and Future Thinking & Restorative Practice, delivered by Samantha Matters from Future Ancestors.

  • Acknowledging Harm of Systemic Racism and Anti-Racism As Restorative Practice, delivered by Larissa Crawford, founder of Future Ancestors.

  • Identity and Environmental Racism in Canada and Climate Change to Climate Justice, delivered by Chúk Odenigbo from Future Ancestors.

September 2020 - February 2021

Conversations with extraordinary people

UofMosaic Fellows participated in a series of presentations "Conversations with Extraordinary People" that will continue into the next year. We created this series of events to connect Fellows with the most inspiring activists, TED speakers, life coaches, and award-winning journalists and authors via Zoom:


  • Human Rights-Human Wrongs, delivered by human rights activist, journalist, and author Sally Armstrong.

  • The Power of Healthy Tension: Thriving in a World of Increased Polarization and Complexity, delivered by leadership development and team building expert, Tim Arnold.

  • A Journey to Hope: From Child Soldier to Activist delivered by peace advocate & former child soldier, author of the graphic novel, Michel Chikwanine.

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