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Through Our Eyes: Understanding the Impact of Online Hate on Ontario Communities


This research has a special focus on communities whose physical safety is at risk and who experience hate crimes disproportionately, including Black, Indigenous, Jewish, and Muslim communities.

Between February and August 2020, The Mosaic Institute conducted an original research project designed as an opportunity for Ontarians to express their experiences with online hate.


Our Research captures how different communities in Ontario experience social media content in general, and their experience with online hate on these channels.

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Racism and Prejudice

This research project examines how specific communities are affected by online hatred and intolerance, and the concomitant responsibilities for social media platforms, public regulators, and educators. This research builds on Mosaic’s earlier work with the federal Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights and with Facebook Inc, on social media governance.

Community participants and organizations will directly benefit from this research and stand to gain the most from sharing their individual and collective experiences. Direct benefits may include: the opportunity to connect, and potentially form alliances with, likeminded organizations across Ontario; fair compensation for their labour; access to disaggregated, race-based data that has been translated into usable information; ability to produce strengthened funding applications and programming founded on quantifiable data; and/or the opportunity to connect with decisionmakers in public, private, and academic sectors.

For more information contact Akaash Maharaj at 416-644-6000 ext 620

With thanks to our partners: Consortium on Electoral Democracy

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For more information:

Want to know more about this or other reports? Please contact Rachel Mansell at 416-644-6000 ext 680

This project is part of a series of dialogues, research, and action initiatives, on race relations in Ontario.

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