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Image by Patrick Tomasso

Bias and Media: Unpacking Harmful Western Narratives in Global Reporting 

MAY 2023

This event was an immersive student-led UofMosaic dialogue on how biases in media might have a negative impact on the perception of racialized and marginalized identities in the news.

This discussion featured Toronto Metropolitan University’s School of Journalism Assistant Professor Sonya Fatah, food and refreshments, and a networking opportunity at the Golding Student Centre on 150 Charles Street West.

Professor Fatah has taught at other journalism schools both in Canada and in India and has taught Feature Writing, Law and Ethics, Social Issues in Journalism, Narrative Writing, Magazine Workshop and Reporting and Writing. She is working on a research project in partnership with Journalists for Human Rights on the impact of journalism training on marginalized communities, specifically remote and urban Indigenous communities in Ontario. She is also currently working on a larger research project on diversity and the Canadian media.



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This project was produced during the 2-year college and university fellowship, UofMosaic. This program is proudly supported by BMO.


This Campus Dialogue was produced during the UofMosaic Fellowship.

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