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Addressing Online Hate was made possible with the generous support of the Government of Ontario.

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The Addressing Online Hate e-learning module will help you learn to correctly identify hate speech and its root causes.

We're hosting intersectional dialogues, developing training, and launching research on topics including race, gender, gender expression, socioeconomic status, ability and more to facilitate real systemic change that will benefit us all.

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This series features Resources, Toolkits, and a Concurrent Film Series with our partners at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema.

October 5th, 2021

Youth In Sport:  Socioeconomic Access, Mental Health, and the Impact of COVID-19

Youth are lacking the connection and motivation that used to come from their involvement in sports. Our goal is to increase awareness about the disproportionate mental health impact and lack of accessibility experienced by disadvantaged communities due to COVID-19, and to co-create strategies to increase access to sport for young people.

October 2021

What Does it Mean to Be a Woman? Gender & Gender Expression in Sport

Women are less than 50% as likely to engage in team sports than men, but why? This Women’s History Month, we will look at the difference in access to sport for women and will take a deep dive into trans-inclusive representation in sport. Our goal is to thoughtfully examine and raise awareness about the barriers and challenges facing female-identifying athletes.

November 2021

Will Sports Ever Be More Accessible for Canadians with Disabilities?

Studies show that less that 12% of youth with a physical disability have ever been exposed to team sports. We will shed light on this issue and work together to make sure that sports are accessible to Canadians with disabilities. Our goal is to amplify the work of those creating more accessible team sports and mobilize participants to create more inclusive spaces.

January 2022

Building a Global Collective through Sport

What power does sport have to bring us all together as a nation and as a global collective? How do we, as individuals and as a country, uphold values of inclusion, diversity, and equity when everyone is watching?  Touching on Canada’s involvement with the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games, our goal is to create an open, honest conversation about our roles and responsibilities to each other, both here at home and on the international stage. 


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